2015 League shirts now available for pre-order

2015 league shirtDont be a dick


Every year we have some sort of fundraising event to raise money for trophies, which in addition to some minimal administrative costs is all our league needs money for. The organizers, umpires, captains and everyone else volunteer their time for free, which keeps this a truly DIY experience. (Other leagues in the area charge $400+ to join and make you pay Umpire fees every game, that’s aside from getting jerseys & equipment).

Anyway………….this year we have made a limited amount of commemorative league shirts for the 2015 season. They will be $20 and you can pre-order them now at the link below. Our sponsors are featured on the back and we also pay tribute to our deceased players. They come in 4 different colors and a variety of sizes.

Help keep the league functioning smoothly and pick up one of these bad boys. DON’T BE A DICK!