2017 Registration

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Please read through everything below and pay close attention:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to participate.
  • You must be on the Opening Day roster in order to participate in the playoffs.
  • Pitchers are strongly encouraged to wear a protective face mask for safety.
  • Atleast 2 double-headers for all teams. Some will have more.
  • Opening Day will be Sat., April 29th. The playoffs will happen on 2 of these 3 dates, so plan ahead: Sat., July 22nd, Sat., July 29th & Sat., August 5th.
  • Total of 12 regular season games over the course of a 13 or 14 week regular season.
  • We will try our best to balance the schedule so that you don’t have too many off weeks in a row or too many on weeks in a row. Scheduling is very difficult, those of you who have played in the past know how this goes.
  • The Playoffs will work the same as they have in past years, the top 4 teams in each Division will participate. This puts importance on every regular season game. Since every team’s schedule is weighted to their record from 2016, everyone conceivably has a chance to make it. There will be a single elimination Divisional Tournament that is seeded according to regular season record (1v4, 2v3). The Clark Division and Gordon Division champions will receive a big trophy that is equal in size and importance. There will be a League Championship game between the two.
  • NEW RULE: strikeouts can now occur with ANY combination of (3) swinging strikes and foul balls. 2017 is the first year for this.
  • All bats must be certified to ASA and/or USSSA. If they are not it is considered illegal. Please see your Captain for more info on this.
  • Game balls will be ASA, which is different than years’ past.
  • Lineups must be exchanged between Captains before each game.
  • Games will be on Saturdays and start at 12:30pm and 3pm. There may be some that start at 5pm. If your Captain elects to play Friday night games those will start sometime between 7-9pm, more info to come on that. Please show up a 1/2 hour early to stretch and warm-up. Showing up right at game time is very annoying for your Captain to deal with. Every team will have some 12:30pm and some 3pm games. Most games go about 1.5 hours long. There is no time limit.
  • Games are 7 innings long.
  • Official schedule will be available in early April.
  • Most games will be at Gordon Park (E.72nd St., Cleveland). There will be times where some games are played elsewhere in the Cleveland/Lakewood area. This may happen last minute on some occasions so stay in contact with your Captain regarding field locations.
  • Every game will have 1-2 Umpires, which will be volunteers from the League. Please be respectful. In the event that no Umpires are present, a system of self-calling the games must be agreed upon by Captains.
  • Whatever fees you are required to pay are figured out on a per-team basis and paid to your Captain. You pay no money to the League. Each team will determine how much money they need for game balls, jerseys and whatever misc equipment. All team members will share in the cost. Contact your Captain for more info on this. (All players must have a uniform).
  • The only thing the League needs funding for is trophies. We will have special fundraisers for this. More info to come. The league organizers volunteer their time and are not compensated.
  • We have a complete rule book. We will email you a PDF of it once you have registered. It can also be downloaded from this website.
  • The DON’T BE A DICK rule is in effect at all times.
  • League structure:
ABC Tavern
Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
Happy Dog
Gotta Groove Records
Joy Machines Bike Shop (formerly Blazing Saddle Cycle)
Crank-Set Rides
Mahalls (formerly WCSB 89.3fm)
Grog Shop
Now That’s Sam’s! (formerly Now That’s Class & Sam’s Beverage)
Pat’s in the Flats
Weird Realms